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  • What is a refrigeration system?
    • Cooling system is a device capable of producing cold and keeps your internal compartment refrigerated. Can be used as a means of cooling or freezing. A refrigeration system is basically composed of heat exchangers (evaporator / condenser), the expansion device (capillary tube / expansion valve), compressor and filter drier.

  • How comprises a cooling system and what are their functions?
      • Compressor: Its function is to make the refrigerant circulating through the refrigeration system.
      • Condenser: Its function is to transfer heat from the fluid to the external environment.
      • Filter Dryer: Remove moisture, acids and agents to retain solid particles.
      • Element Control: Reducing the pressure of fluid in liquid state and to control the flow of the evaporator.
      • Evaporator: A heat exchanger which transfers heat from the indoor to the refrigerant.
      • Refrigerant fluid: It is responsible for the heat exchange between the internal and the external environment.
  • Where can I find sheet of ZMC compressor?
    • Click here to access the Products and Applications in ZMC Website. Enter the Family / Model compressor interest. All Data About model will be viewed and the sheet file is available in bottom of the page in PDF format. You can download it.